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New Photos:   Girls Varsity Soccer Bryan v Lincoln High;  Girls Varsity Soccer East v Lincoln High;  Boys & Girls Varsity Soccer Southwest v Northeast;  Girls Varsity Soccer Kearney v Southwest; Girls Varsity Soccer Southwest v East;  Girls Varsity Soccer North Star v Northeast;  Boys Varsity Soccer Pius X Southeast;  Girls Varsity Soccer Columbus v Southwest;  Girls Varsity Soccer Fremont v Northeast;  Girls Varsity Soccer Lincoln High v North Star

What our customers say about us.  "We have been purchasing high school sports photos of our daughter and son from John's Best Shots for the past 8 years.  John's ability to capture the perfect shot is unlike any other.  With years of experience, he delivers with crystal clear, high quality shots of the most memorable monents for athlets.  John offers top notch customer service.  Once, a photo did not come in the mail.  When I notified John, and we came to the conclusion that most likely was lost in the mail, he printed a new photo for free and delivered it in person to our door the very next day.  John is a treasure to the community with his ability to capture memories for so many local athletes.  These are just a few reasons of many as to why we choose to purchase photos from John's Best Shots.  We cannott recommend him enough."  Jill S.

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